KCC Anytime Anywhere March 29, 2020

KCC Anytime Anywhere

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Our key focus in this time of uncertainty is to keep us all connected together as one single Kelston Community Church every Sunday, regardless of how the pandemic plays out so that we can still remain connected as KCC at Level 4 alert.

How do we do this? We are introducing  KCC Anytime Anywhere, a weekly 1-hour multimedia KCC order of service which you can adapt to suit, regardless of whether you are in a homegroup setting, a family setting or even an individual setting. Please find below how KCC Anytime Anywhere can work for you from now on until such time that the COVID-19 pandemic has abated.

Every week, we will send you a fresh KCC Anytime Anywhere Sunday service programme (1 hour duration) which will consist of the following components as laid out below or as set out in the KCC Anytime Anywhere worship service meeting instructions: 
(download KCC Anytime Anywhere worship service meeting instructions)

For Home Group Leaders:

Home Group meeting instructions – Zoom 
Home Group meeting instructions – Facebook 

This Week’s Online Service

Opening Prayer

Introduction to KCC Anytime Anywhere

Welcome Introduction to KCC Anytime Anywhere from Jin

Worship Songs chosen by Laura.
Here are the links for the songs on youtube:
In Christ Alone: https://youtu.be/ENtL_li4GbE
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone): https://youtu.be/YrwkCOUOliI
Be Still My Soul: https://youtu.be/8RSyMGhsQ9I

Due to our restructured church format, at times it may not be possible to use physical collection bags. So, we would encourage you to give to the Lord your financial offering via Bank Transfer.
KCC details you would need to include in your Bank Transfers are:
Payee Name: Kelston Community Church
Payee Bank Account Number: 12-3026-0095814-00
Particulars: (your name or number) eg. LC Saw or 31
Code: (if you wish to ear-mark your offering, put name of missionary) eg. George B
Reference: (free form) eg. any other details

Please administer as you or your (virtual) group sees fit on the Sunday.

Pastoral Prayer

Pastoral Prayer by Paul Long

Sermon and Benediction

Sermon: Psalm 90. Learning to live life from God’s perspective by Paul Long

Sermon Outline and notes for Discussion

Psalm 90: Learning to live life from God’s perspective
1. It is a prayer by Moses, a man of God
Moses has been through very difficult challenges and sorrow, and through it all, he walked with God. He is someone godly who is older and wiser who is sharing his experience and wisdom with us and teaching us how to pray

2. Psalm 90 is a prayer that helps us understand our circumstances from the perspective of God and eternity
It is a helpful view of life that looks not just at the present but also the past and future through God’s eyes

Section one: Verses 1 and 2: God is eternal
From everlasting to everlasting you are God.
God has been our dwelling throughout all generations
Be careful not to let our concern turn into fear. Focus on God’s love because “perfect love casts out fear”.

Section two: Verses 3 to 10: God has total authority over everything including our lives
A loving God who will severely judge the wicked.
Our life on earth is short and temporary (verse 4 to 6)
Short and filled with trouble and sorrow (verse 10)
Moses brings up this reality – not to make us depressed but to help us gain proper perspective. If we avoid or deny the reality of our problems and challenges, we will never be able to overcome them. We need to focus on addressing our sins not other peoples’ sins. We need to realize we do not have full control of our lives but God does. We sin when we think we are in control. Focus not on life on this earth but the eternal life we have in God. But if we look to God and choose to trust Him we will have God’s peace which passes all understanding

Section three: Verses 11 to 17: Our proper response
Focus on things that we know and should do.
Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (v.12)

A time for God-centered self-reflection
Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, for as many years as we have seen trouble (v.14-15)

Remember God’s “unfailing love” (covenantal love)
Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands! (v.17)
Pray for God’s favour on our lives
Be channels of God’s favour (beauty)

Pastor’s Notes

Hi everyone As we no longer have a weekly bulletin and some may miss reading my “Pastor’s notes”, here are some notes that have come out of my personal meditations when I do my daily Bible readings (which I posted on facebook – with a little more detail) … READ

Sunday School

Sunday School teaching guides for parents to work with their children this week:
Younger children: SPLASH
Older children: GRID