KCC Anytime Anywhere 12 April 2020

KCC Anytime Anywhere 12 April 2020

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Our key focus in this time of uncertainty is to keep us all connected together as one single Kelston Community Church every Sunday, regardless of how the pandemic plays out so that we can still remain connected as KCC at Level 4 alert.

How do we do this? We are introducing  KCC Anytime Anywhere, a weekly 1-hour multimedia KCC order of service which you can adapt to suit, regardless of whether you are in a homegroup setting, a family setting or even an individual setting. Please find below how KCC Anytime Anywhere can work for you from now on until such time that the COVID-19 pandemic has abated.

Every week, we will send you a fresh KCC Anytime Anywhere Sunday service programme (1 hour duration) which will consist of the following components as laid out below or as set out in the KCC Anytime Anywhere worship service meeting instructions: 
(download KCC Anytime Anywhere worship service meeting instructions)

For Home Group Leaders:

Home Group meeting instructions – Zoom 
Home Group meeting instructions – Facebook 

This Week’s Online Service

Opening Prayer

Welcome by Tony San Diego

Welcome by Tony San Diego

Worship songs for KCC 5 April 2020 online Sunday service by Mary Ann Driesen

Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah

Ancient of Days – (CityAlright version)

‘Our Father’ – Don Moen

Due to our restructured church format, at times it may not be possible to use physical collection bags. So, we would encourage you to give to the Lord your financial offering via Bank Transfer.
KCC details you would need to include in your Bank Transfers are:
Payee Name: Kelston Community Church
Payee Bank Account Number: 12-3026-0373749-00
Particulars: (your name or number) eg. LC Saw or 31
Code: (if you wish to ear-mark your offering, put name of missionary) eg. George B
Reference: (free form) eg. any other details

Communion by Pastor Paul Long
Please administer as you or your (virtual) group sees fit on the Sunday.

Communion Sharing by Pastor Paul Long

Pastoral Prayer by Pastor Paul Long
Download KCC Suggested Prayer Guide
For further reading: “When we Pray” by J I Packer

Pastoral Prayer by Pastor Paul Long

Sermon and Benediction by Lucas Gan

Sermon: John 3:16 We will not Die by Lucas Gan

Pastor’s Notes

Hi everyone As we no longer have a weekly bulletin and some may miss reading my “Pastor’s notes”, here are some notes that have come out of my personal meditations when I do my daily Bible readings (which I posted on facebook – with a little more detail) … READ Pastor’s Notes for April 12 2020

Sunday School

There is no Sunday School this week as its the School Holidays:

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