Ignite Youth

Ignite Youth Group

Ignite Youth Group is part of the Kelston Community Church. It is a Christian based youth group for students aged 12 – 20 (high school and university ages). They meet every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of a month for a time of fun and exciting activities, onsite, elsewhere or even online (very handy during the lockdown periods).

If you happen to have some spare time and are interested in meeting / hanging out with an amazingly fun group of young people, (generally aged 13 – 22) Visit the Ignite Youth on Facebook.

KCC BASIC Study Topics 2021
Ignite Youth has a Bible study group known as BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ), where they meet every 1st and 3rd Sundays to be taught the Bible and topics on Christian living. Below is the suggested list of topics for the BASIC Bible Study for 2021.

If you would like more information about the BASIC Bible study group, please contact the Kelston Community Church pastor, contact details are on the contacts page.

DateTopicLed by
7/02/2021Baptism: is it just a dunk in the pool?Pastor Paul, testimony by J Meyer
21/02/2021The works and decrees of God: God’s creationPastor Paul
7/03/2021The works and decrees of God: God’s providencePastor Paul
21/03/2021The works and decrees of God: God’s miraclesPastor Paul
4/04/2021Why is Christianity a discriminatory religion e.g. the LGBTQ community have no place with Christians, we claim to be the only true way (how sure are we because each religion claims this as well).Pastor Paul
18/04/2021Questions from the classPastor Paul
2/05/2021Human Beings and the Fall: Made in the image of GodPastor Paul
16/05/2021Comparison of major religions/beliefs with Christianity: Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic.Lew Meyer
6/06/2021Human Beings and the Fall: Body and Soul, Flesh and SpiritPastor Paul
20/06/2021Human Beings and the Fall: The nature and source of sinPastor Paul
4/07/2021Human Beings and the Fall: Angels and demonsPastor Paul
18/07/2021Human Beings and the Fall: The consequences of sinPastor Paul
1/08/2021Porn, sex before marriage, smoking, drugs: what so bad about them and why can’t Christians try them?Pastor Paul
15/08/2021Questions from the classPastor Paul
5/09/2021Jesus Christ: His deity and humanityPastor Paul
19/09/2021Jesus Christ: His life and deathPastor Paul
3/10/2021Jesus Christ: His resurrection and ascensionPastor Paul
17/10/2021Questions about Christian livingForum style
7/11/2021Questions from the classPastor Paul
21/11/2021Jesus Christ: His important rolesPastor Paul
5/12/2021continued topics on Basic Doctrines (TBC)Pastor Paul
19/12/2021Questions from the class (*tentative class)Pastor Paul